About Nicolets

Meet Nicolets, an entrepreneurial visionary who turned a simple best friend date into an extraordinary journey. Back in 2012, I embarked on this adventure from the comfort of my dorm room, crafting bracelets on my bed. Little did I know that this humble beginning would blossom into an unexpected business.

My journey began by selling bracelets to customers while working as a cashier in a supermarket in the Bronx. From those humble beginnings, I expanded my reach and soon celebrated my first sale on my website, all the way from Singapore. Since then, I have successfully sold my creations across the United States, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Puerto Rico, and Australia.

The allure of my bracelets lies in the belief that they bring luck, good fortune, and positive energy to those who wear them. Witnessing the joy and happiness my creations bring to people's lives fills me with immense satisfaction. Crafting each bracelet with love and passion, I incorporate gemstone beads sourced from all corners of the world. Additionally, I specialize in creating protective bracelets, including the ever-popular evil eye and Goodluck bracelets that shield from negative energies.

As my brand continues to flourish, my ultimate aspiration is to expand its reach and touch the lives of individuals all around the globe. I want to share my profound love for beads and gemstones with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. With every bracelet gifted for birthdays and holidays, I aim to spread positive energy and meaningful connections among friends and loved ones.

Join me on this beautiful journey of self-expression, luck, and joy, as we discover the extraordinary power of Nicolets bracelets together.